Buyers of coins should beware of Chinese replica or souvenir £2 coins on sale as new or uncirculated coins.

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been aware of Chinese made replica or souvenir £2 coins being sold on Alibaba. More worryingly we are now seeing unscrupulous secondary sellers' offering them for re-sale as genuine rarities on eBay.

In April 2015 we received emails from two Chinese companies offering us replica coins. When we requested a sample, one replied “this time we send a souvenir coin not the real one”.

Chineses Replica

Chinese’s £2 Replica or Souvenir Coins

Counterfeit £2 Coins

Counterfeit £1 Coins

Counterfeit Coins

We are currently aware of the following £2 coins that have been or are for sale on eBay:-

The Chinese replicas are produced and sold legitimately - in China. The problem manifests itself when the replicas are exported and then sold by third parties to unsuspecting collectors as being genuine.

Chiness Replica Souvenir Coins Chiness Replica Souvenir Coins

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