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wh Münzprüfer Berlin GmbH specialises in development, production, and sales of payment systems for vending machines. We offer a variety of coin selectors capable of accepting most of the currencies from around the world.

Our network of worldwide partners provide local assistance for a fast and reliable service for our customers. During the years the product range has been steadily expanded and in cooperation with partner companies we are now in the position to offer complete payment systems including banknote readers and cashless payment systems.

Our product range is based on a high value measuring and security technology includes components for in and outdoor applications, battery operation and for unattended standalone machines. We are present in all markets working with payment systems in machines such as gaming and amusement, kiosk, vending, public transport, carwash and retail.

Nayax Contactless Payments

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Nayax has a policy of continual product development with customer application requirements in the forefront of product design.

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